Astrology was inspired by my parent. During childhood, my father used to give free prediction to their friends and I was always having eagerness to know this knowledge through which YOU SAY SOMETHING AND IT BECOMES TRUE.
Astrology is PASSION for me and not PROFESSION !!!
In very young age I had taken knowledge of Jyotirvird, JyotishBhushan, Vastu, Pyra Vastu, Reki (Part I - Part III), Silva Mind Control from USA Texas, Numerology, Tarot Card, Palmistry, Graphology. I had also gone through various ancient religious and Astrologers book to deep analyze for perfection in prediction.

During schooling and college timing, I used to give prediction to my colleague and solved many complicated cases which had given me more confidence to proceed further in this field. My knowledge has been sharpened, when I have joined professional company where we were giving Online Prediction on phone.

I had also done extremely deep Analysis on Financial Stock Market and today I am in a position to predict stock price of any share. I can also guide Investor and can give tips on daily basis for investing money on market. Several big investors are running behind me to understand how I had analysis of stock pricing and how I am getting idea about future pricing of stocks which is something very challenging.

My articles are coming in Kismat Jyotish Magazine from past 8 years. In Zee TV Gujarati Channel I had given live Astrology program Bhavishyawani & Vastu Shastra. Currently I am giving Money Guru Program in TV9 Gujarati Channel and various other programs on regular basis. I had also given prediction of Stock Market, Commodity and Forex market for 2009 to 2016 years in TV9 channel.
Tarot Card with 78 Cards First time in Gujarati Language in India launched in 2004
Achievement Certificate from Paris Government
Gold Medalist in Pyra Vastu