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About Me

Astrology was inspired by my parent. During childhood, my father used to give free prediction to their friends and I was always having eagerness to know this knowledge through which YOU SAY SOMETHING AND IT BECOMES TRUE

Astrology is PASSION for me and not PROFESSION !!!

In very young age I had taken knowledge of Jyotirvird, JyotishBhushan, Vastu, Pyra Vastu, Reki (Part I - Part III), Silva Mind Control from USA Texas, Numerology, Tarot Card, Palmistry, Graphology. I had also gone through various ancient religious and Astrologers book to deep analyze for perfection in prediction

During schooling and college timing, I used to give prediction to my colleague and solved many complicated cases which had given me more confidence to proceed further in this field. My knowledge has been sharpened, when I have joined professional company where we were giving Online Prediction on phone

I had also done extremely deep Analysis on Financial Stock Market and today I am in a position to predict stock price of any share. I can also guide Investor and can give tips on daily basis for investing money on market. Several big investors are running behind me to understand how I had analysis of stock pricing and how I am getting idea about future pricing of stocks which is something very challenging

My articles are coming in Kismat Jyotish Magazine from past 8 years. In Zee TV Gujarati Channel I had given live Astrology program Bhavishyawani & Vastu Shastra. Currently I am giving Money Guru Program in TV9 Gujarati Channel and various other programs on regular basis. I had also given prediction of Stock Market, Commodity and Forex market for 2009 to 2016 years in TV9 channel.