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What is Astrology?

Gradually, the movements of the stars and planets were observed over longer periods of time, and the more subtle relationships between their positions on the horizons and human nature were verified, and astrology came to be part of everyday life. It became clear that the power of foresight or divination could be used to advantage to improve and predict relationships between subjects and rulers, countries and kingdoms, Astrology was to stay, for all time.

Find your perfect partner, choose a career, or anticipate good fortune and wealth using astrology to reveal and explore your inner character and personality.

An astrological chart will show you are likely to react in love or business, how your basic personality might appear to those around you and those things that you like keep secret. And of course this applies equally to other people close to you. What better way can there be to know how your lover or business might respond to a situation than to look at their astrological chart?